• Cooperation customer live

    Cooperation customer live

  • ZTE Hardware
    ZTE Hardware

    ZTE is a leading global provider of integrated communications solutions provider. The company provides innovative ...

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  • Chang Hao Huizhou metal parts
    Chang Hao Huizhou metal parts

    Chang Hao metal (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. is Taiwan Yan Hao Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. under equity branch, since its establ...

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  • 樱之田复材科技自行车


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  • 山东玮辰自行车


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  • 唐山金亨通自行车


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  • 天津富士达自行车


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  • Our customers

    Our customers

  • 我们的欧宝体育直播
  • 我们的欧宝体育直播
  • 我们的欧宝体育直播
  • 我们的欧宝体育直播
  • 我们的欧宝体育直播
  • 我们的欧宝体育直播
  • Come into our

    Come into our


    欧宝体育直播-欧宝全站登陆 is specialized in industrial automation, painting machinery, non-standard equipment planning, design, production, construction, maintenance of the professional company, with professional and technical consultants from Japan, Taiwan, mainland Adaptation the era of super potential, with great concentration, followed by industry, cutting-edge ...

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  • 荣誉资质


  • 荣誉资质


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    Vehicle coating paint technical requirements Vehicle coating paint technical requirements

    When the vehicle for painting, we use the most is the paint room use. Booth will be many technical requirements. Curre...

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    Electrostatic Spraying Equipment Electrostatic Spraying Equipment

    Era in the rapid development of modern science and technology advances, the market an array of paint products, to coating...

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    The rapid development of coating industry The rapid development of coating industry

    Three decades of reform and opening up, China's paint industry from small to large and from weak to strong three decades....

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